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We are RAW Inc

What We Do


The meaning of a brand for society and the well being of people are leading. Therefore, companies are moving from brand image to brand meaningfulness. Guess what, that is exactly what we have done the past 10 years. We can help you reach out to your clients and generate media exposure that will make your brand matter. Our device is to take you or your clients out of the comfort zone to create authentic content that hits anybody -brain and heart alike. Located near Amsterdam in the city of Utrecht, The Netherlands. We have had tons of coverage in the media, for example the Noordkaap Challenge, an initiative of Arthur Verheijen. In co-operation with radio station 3FM, teams have challenged the North Cape for years. On their way up they fulfilled assignments in order to raise funds. Beautiful and authentic content has been produced in many ways, on radio, print and social. Just as the Mongol Challenge and many other initiatives, memorable stories we have created since. Read everything about it on our blog

We take your story and turn it into brand meaningfulness

Become and stay authentic. After we have grasped the essence of your brand and the story that needs to be told, we look at the possibilities of making your brand more meaningful. We design an event or campaign to which your customer base can relate. It is our mission to activate target groups and at the same time create appealing authentic narrative content, which will be used in all channels.

Change your classic advertising model

Emotions beat promotion. Branded content incorporated into real life events and entertainment will influence brand consideration positively. Nowadays brands are shifting from the classic advertising model towards a powerful content model. As a result a surging need for authentic content has arised, something which we will deliver… and more.

Sharing a compelling story is a memorable and extremely powerful content marketing strategy 

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How do you become a brand that counts in the minds of your clients? Advertising only does not do the trick anymore. Advertising is no longer the end point, it's the beginning of a conversation. Brands have to stop advertising their image but need to start living it. Become meaningful to your customers while staying loyal to your brand values. You need a story to tell and activation of your brand and customers, as a result of which authentic content will spread the meaning of your brand. This is how we will work with you for a meaningful brand positioning.

Define your Brand Story

We will spend time to contemplate your deepest motivation behind your business and establish a narrative.

Brand Activation

Engage customers, partners or even employees in the story about your brand. All in order to let them start to experience and work with your brand values.

Create Content

We will create a platform that will mix branded content with entertainment, activation and advertising. The visual offering will focus on video, a perfect way to shape and spread your content.

Start to communicate your brand story

All of your communication will be streamlined and tied into your social media marketing efforts. 


We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse through some of our memorable projects below.

  • Stories are how we remember; we tend to forget lists and bullet points. 

    Robert McKee
  • No, no! The adventures first, explanations take such a dreadful time.

    Lewis Carroll
  • Your story will be unique to you, your brand, and the experience you are trying to create. 

    Robert McKee
  • Effective content marketing is about mastering the art of storytelling, Facts tell, but stories sell.

    Brian Eisenberg

Great events happen to those who can tell them.